Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Few Funny Conversations with Isaac

Isaac has been quite entertaining lately. His verbal skills have gotten to a point where he can actually tell you what he is thinking or tell you a story, and it's just funny to hear how his mind works and what goes on in his brain. Plus he's just a cutie. Here are some examples:

One day while making paper airplanes:
Me: Here let me show you a different one. You know, Mommy's brother taught her how to make this kind of airplane.
Isaac: Oh! My brother teach me, too!
Me: Um, Isaac, you don't have a brother!
Isaac: Yes, have a brother!
Me: Oh really? Who's your brother?
Isaac: Ummm... Daddy!

A family conversation while chopping vegetables for dinner:
James (to Violet): I'm gonna eat your soul!
Isaac (to me): Nooo. Daddy don't wanna eat Baby Violet.
James (to Isaac): But what if I'm hungry??
Isaac (in a helpful tone of voice): Uh, veddables, Daddy! (veddables = vegetables)

An argument with TJ in church:
TJ, holding up a construction vehicle: Look! A dump truck!
Isaac: No! It's a bulldozer!
TJ: It's a dump truck!
Isaac: NOOO!! It's a bulldozer! It's a bulldozer, TJ!! A BULLDOZER!!
(all while everyone else in the room was *trying* to reverently participate in the sacrament. D'oh!)

Another argument with TJ:
TJ (happily): I'm two!
Isaac: I'm two!
TJ: I'm two!!
Isaac: I'M TWO!!!
Yelling continues like that, despite many assurances from moms that they are both, indeed, two.

During breakfast one morning. I am eating oatmeal with peaches and brown sugar.
Isaac: Wanna eat da sugars.
Me: No, Isaac, you can't eat sugar.
Then I tuned him out for a bit, since I was sure he was just going to say over and over again that he wanted to eat brown sugar. Thus far that has been his persuasive tactic and I've found it best to ignore him. But then I noticed his tone had changed from whiny to actually, well, persuasive, so I tuned back in.
Isaac: Not all da sugars, Mommy, just one sugars. Not gonna eat all da sugars. Just one. Just one sugars.
Shrug. I let him have a little spoonful. :)

An argument with Westin at church. The kids were both looking at a little Book of Mormon stories book, examining the picture of the brother of Jared.
Isaac: Dey're eggs!
Westin: No, dey're hot rocks!

And as a side note, he's also started picking flowers for me, and I can't even describe how happy those little dandelion heads make me. Such a sweet heart. I love to hear his little voice, "It's for YOU, Mom! It's for YOU!!!"


Austin said...

too darn cute. the "veddables" as an alternative to baby soul is my absolute favorite.

Shirley said...

He is such a sweetheart. I love the pictures at the end. Such a cute boy!