Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Family Delicacy

Sometimes, you do ridiculous things to appease your children - even when their requests are unreasonable and made at unreasonable times, their sweet little faces just hit that tender spot in your soul that turns you into a major sucker.
Well, and one night in late June, Isaac had a full-blown meltdown and the only thing in the world he wanted was "Turkey wis fishies!!" This is our strange little family delicacy that James invented one day (back before Isaac gained a real appetite) to get Isaac to eat a little more protein. They are simply goldfish wrapped in small strips of deli turkey. And yeah, they're weird. But surprisingly good.
So, the two of us took a little trip to the store at 8pm and grabbed a box of goldfish and some deli turkey, and our cute little guy was happy for the night.

I thought about it later in typical angsty parent fashion - am I teaching him all the wrong things? Should I have just said no and made him suffer? The meltdown was really just pitiable, and definitely not something I wanted to encourage - but my kind neighbor reminded me later that it's hard to be a big spirit in a little body, with very little control over anything in your life. When I want something, I just go get it--or don't get it--but at least I'm the one deciding whether or not I should have it. Poor Isaac has to wait upon the whims and caprices of two adults whose thought processes I'm sure are an absolute mystery to him.
And also, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how lucky I am that I can even give him this silly little thing that he wanted. I thought about all the mothers in all the world who would just love to have the access and ability to buy their children something they really really wanted to eat - or something to eat at all. And I decided to consider myself lucky that I could make my child happy. And then I went to bed.


Austin said...

i say give him what he wants, as long as he's not screaming "bourbon wif cigarettes!" i think you're fine. ;)

Shirley said...

I love your thought process with this! I think we're led to feel guilty over everything. His sweet faces eating his food was definitely worth it. You are such a great mom.