Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cascade Springs

While George and Ruth were here, we took a little family trip up to Cascade Springs. For family history purposes, I will note that this is the spot where George proposed to Ruth. It was also the place James had intended to propose to me, but the road was not open yet that early May in 2007, so we diverted to Stewart Falls. ;)

So, as I was saying we took this little trip up there with George and Ruth, Allison and Michael, and Baby George. We had to go in three cars and so were caravaning up. On the way up, Isaac seemed to be having a really great time, until he got quiet for about five minutes, then all of a sudden said "Mommy!" in a worried voice, then threw up. Bananas. Joy. Another family history note--this was the first time Isaac had ever thrown up in his entire young life. I count myself lucky we made it that long.

Anyway, we did our best to communicate to the other two cars that there was an emergency on our hands and we all pulled over. Luckily we had a few towels in the car, so we were able to get Isaac all cleaned up. We also had a jacket/shirt with us that I had brought in case it was cold, but no pants. So this is how we started the hike. Poor kid.

He actually had been wearing my sweater, but he decided he didn't like it and would brave the hike pantsless. I guess he's used to it.

Isaac was a good trooper for most of the walk, but he started to get tired and I think he really wasn't feeling great. He actually fell asleep riding on James's shoulders.

Nice place to take a nap.

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