Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picnic Date

I have a great husband. Last week, we had made tentative plans to go camping over the weekend, but because of lack of planning, plans did not work out. I was pretty sad. Ok, really sad. But James made it all better by suggesting we make a picnic and enjoy the great outdoors in a different way. So we made my favorite sandwiches (recipe below); packed some cream soda, candy, and fruit in a bag; and headed out to feed the ducks. After the picnicking and duck feeding, we went to Savers (love that store) and got a real picnic basket (happy day), and then saw the X-Files movie at the dollar theater. Decent movie. Not the best, but it was nice to see Scully and Mulder together and have them chasing the baddies again. Not quite as satisfying as my favorite episodes, though.

Charity's Awesome Sandwiches
First, cut your bread (best if you use a roll or french bread or something else yummy)
Then, put your choice of cheese on one side of the bread (I like havarti, monterey jack, or provolone)
Put both sides in the toaster oven until nice and toasty and the cheese is melted
Spread cream cheese on the side without the melted cheese
Then add your meats and veggies. I like turkey and ham with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and avocado. The avocado is not optional -it's that and the cream cheese that really make the sandwich. Anyway, enjoy!

P.s. I stopped washing my hair with baking soda as of today. As you can see in the picture above, it really hasn't been working - it leaves my hair limp and greasy looking. It worked for about two days, and I stuck with it for about two weeks. How's that for perseverance? Oh well, back to VO5.


Anonymous said...

We saw the X-Files movie this weekend too. Disappointing that they ripped the plot from The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Mystery Science Theater season 1 I think) but it was awesome to see them lock lips. One more thing -- why were they so impressed that he knew that wasn't the victim's house when the real house next door was COVERED in POLICE TAPE? Wow, that's some psychic ability.

Christian & Jennifer said...

You guys always have so much fun. Thanks for the documentation! And I'm bummed about the baking soda. I was going to try it this week. Maybe it would work as a once-a-week treatment? And I'm still so impressed with the dress you gave away . . . it was awesome.

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

I want to go on a picnic! Dan and I have been saying that we are going to for some time now... better do it before it gets way to cold! Also... I just tagged you on my blog!