Friday, March 16, 2012

Isaac's Haircut

Well, we finally did it. It broke my heart, but we had to - his hair was getting in his eyes and making his ears itch and, well, it was starting to get rather Rastafarian in the back, with his cute curls turning into more like dread locks.

Luckily Yia-Yia and Papa were here to help me through it, and they actually had a friend, Kira, who came all the way out to our house and cut Isaac's hair. She did an excellent job - if you live in Utah County and are looking for a great hairdresser, let me know I'll give you her number.

Anyway, here's a few before shots:

See what I mean by dread locks? Anyway, he did really well with the whole process. When Kira came in, my dad gave her a big hug -- and so did Isaac. :) He followed my parents' lead and kept telling her "Nice to see you 'gain!" It was pretty funny. Anway, she just had him sit up in a booster chair, and he wore the nice big cape, and she worked very quickly to give him a nice little trim. I was really impressed. Isaac sat mostly pretty still - every once in a while he would ask me for a hug (oh my sweet little boy!) and I would squeeze his hand and tell him how great he was doing.

He looks so different now! Most of his really blond hair was cut off, and of course the curls are all gone. It still makes me a little sad not to see those crazy curls, especially since the new 'do makes him look so much older, but I just have to come to terms with it. Kids grow. It's what they do. So, I'm ok with it. He's still super handsome. :) I didn't get any true "After" shots, but here are some pictures we've taken since the haircut.

Still a cutie pie, and a little more grown-up and groomed looking. Oh, and bonus! Now no one tells me he's such a cute little girl. :P


Wendy McMillan said...

Omg I went through the same thing with Holden's excessive blonde curls! It's hard to say goodbye to the baby boy and say hello to the little man but I'm so glad we did it. And Isaac looks great! Did he rub food in his hair during every meal? I swear I have an extra hour everyday just by not dealing with that mess anymore.

Shirley said...

He is adorable. I love the after pics. Okay I love all the pics. He is the cutest little boy!

Karen said...

pretty good for a kid who started out bald!

he actually makes my heart ache, he is so adorable, both before and after.