Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet Violet!

This last month has been really fun, and not nearly as difficult as I was anticipating. That is mostly thanks to so many wonderful people who have helped us out with meals, Isaac-care, and just emotional support this last month. I have to say a huge thank you to all the amazing family, friends, neighbors, and ward members who have taken such good care of us over the last month. We have been truly blessed.

 Also, luckily for us, Violet is such a sweet little baby. She has kind of just fit herself right in to our lives like she was always there. It's a little difficult to remember what life was like without her!

Some things to document about Violet: She sleeps really well - four to five hours at night! - she eats like a champ, and she spends most of her awake time just looking around wide-eyed at the world.

She has a very strong neck already and very good head control - which she uses to look all around in wonder. She makes funny little "purring" noises often - we think she's going to be a little talker ;)


She doesn't love getting her diaper or clothes changed and she has quite a funny little squeal she uses to let you know that she is not happy.

 But most of the time she is happy. She loves to be snuggled and held, and thankfully is usually happy to be in my wrap carrier, so snuggling her most of the day is not too difficult.

Look at that squishy face!

On the flip side, she really hates her car seat, and makes a royal row out of riding in the car. So, no long trips for us for a while.

Mostly, we all just like to stare at her as much as possible and kiss her sweet soft little head and cheeks.



Anthony and Heidi West said...

She is so cute, and so sweet!

Anthony and Heidi West said...
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Karen said...

My heart just melted into a big ol puddle of mush