Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stake Easter Egg Hunt

Isaac went to his very first Easter egg hunt this year. He technically went to one last year at Kathleen and Franklin's, but we were running late so we missed the actual hunt. Anyway, he had a great time.

Here he is with his adoptive family, our wonderful neighbors the Connellys. He loves them so much! He fits right in with them, huh? They're such a fun family, I don't blame him. Also, I now understand why moms with many children are always so psyched to get a picture where everyone is looking at the camera. It is dang hard!

The leaders asked that we limit the kids to 2 eggs. Surprisingly Isaac was ok with that. He ran out quite determinedly (I love how he pumps his little arms when he wants to run fast) and got his two eggs, then came back proudly to show them to us. Hurrah!

My neighbor Heidi (see above) made these cute bags for her kids. She had an extra one (it was determined to be "too girly" by Gannon :P) and she very kindly offered it to us. Isaac loves it, and it provided a hands-free egg storing experience. :) He's so cute with the bag draped over his neck!

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