Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lucky Me

I have the sweetest husband in the world. (I know you all think you do, but sorry, you're wrong. I do.) So, this morning James had a final at 7:00 so he kissed me good bye and I was happily back in sleepland within seconds. Apparently he came home around 8:30 and saw I was still asleep so he left again. I woke up the second time he came back, but he didn't come in to check on me just started making a lot of noise (trying not to make much noise) in the kitchen. I finally woke up around 9:30 and came out to find flowers on the kitchen table (which was set), bacon frying on the stove, and biscuits ready to go in the oven. I was so charmed. He even had everything ready to make omelets, and we cut up strawberries and James showed me a fun new way to eat them (dip them in sour cream and brown sugar--try it, it's good!). It was just the perfect way to start a Saturday. I really really really really really really love my husband.
After our lovely breakfast he took me to the temple, then we went up the canyon with some friends to hike up inside snow caves at the top of bridal veil falls. (Super cool, by the way, even if my paranoid mind went overboard imagining avalanches etc. etc.) It was a lovely day finished off with (what else?) Guitar Hero on the projector that Brad and Shelly brought over--thanks guys! :)
And again, the cool breeze is wafting in the window of my--still clean!--back room and I'm just thrilled to be alive. And all because I had the wisdom, foresight, and talent to marry the greatest man alive. It's all me. :P


West Family said...

james must love you more than me because he never did that for me!--chauncey

Christian & Jennifer said...

Ah, Charity . . . and you thought I was the only one who got a romantic guy. You scored big time! I'm so glad you two found each other and that you are so happy. I think having a husband that treats you with love and respect is one of the hugest blessings ever in the whole history of eternity. How grateful I am for mine.