Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh, Possibility

Sunday is a day when, for me, everything seems possible. Can I make an affordable, healthy, tasty meal every day this week? Why, yes. Can I set aside time every day for scripture study? Certainly. Can I keep my house in the nearly crisp state I have spent the entire weekend to achieve? No prob-o-lem. Ah, Sunday. How I love you. I'm glad you come around every seven days so I can have this feeling of empowerment and starting-over-ness that I love so much. Even if it is all shot to hades by Tuesday afternoon.
Right now I'm sitting in my greatest triumph of the weekend--the back room, aka The Room of Death, aka The Pit of Despair, aka The Garage. Yeah, I know that last one is not nearly so dramatic, but I found it to be an accurate description of what this room has come to be in the nearly nine months that James and I have lived here. It is the catch-all, the hiding place of messes, the museum for pieces that may yet come in handy. At least--it was (cue dramatic music)--until now. Yes, friends--as of yesterday this room has been transformed into a clean and highly functional actual room. The bookshelf holds (mostly) books; the hutchy-thing stores craft materials; the desk is home to assorted paperwork, old pairs of glasses, and the sewing machine; the floor is (blessedly) clean of clutter--I even vacuumed it. (By the way, I think the "Hardest Word to Spell Ever" award goes to "vacuumed".) *Tracie if you're reading this, notice the British style punctuation. I couldn't help myself.* Ok ok, let me get to the best part. The best part is we've moved the birds nest-y chair to right below the window, which I now have open and the cool breeze (can you believe it was warm enough today -70 degrees!- that I can appreciate a cool breeze?) is softly wafting through the window and making me feel even stronger that sense of Sunday possibility.
Oh, possibility.


Elizabeth West Bunton said...

First--what is British style punctuation? Second--I think the hardest word to spell is recipie (even here, I can't figure out how to spell it). Third--congrats on getting your Pit of Despair in order. I think 8 months is an amazingly quick time to have found a place for everything. Fourth and lastly--I completely agree with the Sunday optimism. It is like New Years once a week. I love it. Thanks for putting that feeling into words.

Christian & Jennifer said...

WOW! It took us a YEAR to get our Pit of Despair organized! (Which, by the way, was located in THAT VERY ROOM . . . are you seeing the trend here? Maybe that room doesn't WANT to be a neat, organized space. Maybe it's depressed and slobby without anything in it at all!) Congrats, O Awesome Ones!

Tracie said...

Lol. Yes, I noticed the British punctuation. I SO relate to your post. Every Sunday I have the promise of a new week that will go better. I spend every Saturday cleaning my house and I vow that it will stay clean all week, only to have it dirty by Tuesday as well. I vow that I will workout every day, that I'll get to bed earlier, wake up earlier, get to work earlier, eat better, read my scriptures, and yes, it all goes to pot come Tuesday. Good thing Sunday comes each week so I can vow to start over once again.

Congrats on conquering the beast. I know how it feels to get something like that accomplished. Hopefully it stays that way.

West Family said...

I completely sppreciate you putting into writing what Sunday is among so many things, it is a day of optimism. I loved this post!