Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Monday, Not So Monday

I'm backdating my blog and writing this blog as if I had written it on Monday, which I didn't, but my goal was to write every day in my blog so I thought I'd go ahead and pretend like I did write in my blog so that I could more easily get into the habit. So here it is, Monday's blog:

A Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite color: red (I'm wearing a red undershirt, a red sweater, and a red-trimmed shirt today--Wednesday, that is, not Monday)
Favorite food: recently? seven-layer dip. I blame James. (would that not be the coolest name for a band? I Blame James in town this Saturday!)
Favorite thing to do when there's nothing to do at work: Chat with Mom, or text with Cyndi
Favorite song of the moment: See You Again, by Miley Cyrus. Weird, I know.
Favorite band right now: The Killers
Favorite thing about living in Utah: the mountains
Favorite thing to daydream about: Going to Greece soon
Favorite web site to fool around on:
Favorite thing to do on said web site: pretend I live there
Favorite thing to do once I get home from work: take a bath and relax
Favorite shows: Chuck, Monk, Psych, and Battlestar Gallactica
Favorite shoes: black ballet flats
Favorite thing to do after dinner: take a walk with James and/or make milkshakes
Favorite people: All of you!
Favorite thing about Monday: when it's actually Wednesday

Your turn! Tell me what your favorite things are!


West Family said...

Your funny. I was you think Chauncey and I could get ourselves invited to Greece next year around this time? For Graduation I mean?

Christian & Jennifer said...

Hey, I like to hear your favorite things, but I didn't see anything on there about me and I know I'm your favoritist sister-in-law in the whole world (besides all of James' cool sisters who are probably not nearly as cool as me, or humble, or long-winded, either, and I'm using, way, too, many commas, on purpose because I'm, cool like that and will do anything, to get, your attention).

Christian & Jennifer said...

Oh, and my dearest, how on earth did you get your blog list to do cool updated headlines?!?!? Please enlighten me!

Christian & Jennifer said...

I Blame James! and 7 Layer-dip Live at Redrocks Amphitheatre. Sounds tres cool!