Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Story of My Life

It's been longer than I intended since I made a blog entry. I was planning on writing at least something every day, but the week got away from me. I can't even say I've done anything all that interesting. I am currently reading a book (surprise!) that was recommended to me by a friend and the entirety of the novel consists of journal entries penned by British gentlemen (or some semblance of gentlemen anyway). It has, obviously, made me think of the importance and inherent interest involved in journal writing. Who knows, all the tiny details of my life may seem insignificant, but what if someday they are all part of some subdued intrigue of magnificent proportions? It has also infected me with the starched, reserved tone of nineteenth century Britain. Hence, this strange voice in which I am writing.

In all seriousness, though- a few things to report:

1. The book is pretty good, it's called "The Prestige" and while it is in fact the book upon which the movie (film, should I say?) was based, it has marked differences. Because of these differences, it is still a mysterious book, though many of its secrets were exposed by the movie. I'd recommend it. I loved the movie, too, so of course I recommend that.

2. I redecorated the house—we've got new curtains in the bedroom and the living room, and I rearranged the furniture. Ah, what passes for news in the West home.

3. Real news- James's sister Elizabeth had her third baby, and we are happy to welcome Eleanor George Bunton into the world.

4. James has moved from picking the lock on the front door (which was excessively easy to defeat) to picking a smaller, and hence more difficult padlock. Again, ah what passes for news in the West home.

5. I should have another short piece up for your critique by tomorrow, and I'd like to know what you all think. Anyone have any requests or suggestions of something I might write?


Tracie said...

Yay! You redecorated the house! Did you get your lamp all set up?

I loved The Prestige (film). I would like to read the book. I'll add it to my list.

I'm looking forward to your next piece. I'm thinking that I should write something too.

Christian & Jennifer said...

Please, please write more! I love your writing and what better way to practice than with a captive audience, ready to rip you to shreds . . . uh . . . I mean, give you some constructive criticism? Just kidding. I'm seriously loving it and would love to see you write a book. If anyone wants to see a really BAD example of great literature, visit this post, proudly written by me and my sisters last month: http://macsistersbookclub.blogspot.com/2008/02/maccabe-sisters-original.html

Christian & Jennifer said...

Sorry, did I say that was a BAD example of GREAT Literature?!? I meant, it's just BAD. Seriously. You may want to plug your nose when you read it. This is why my sisters and I haven't already published a great novel.