Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Awww... Love!

James bought me these flowers the other day for no reason. :) Just because he's the sweetest heart ever. Cheesy grin!


Austin said...

I got Tracie some flowers out of the goodness of my heart the other day, and she asked me if it was because James got you those flowers!

but no, it wasn't. I was just trying to be sweet. :) But she didn't blog about it! Though, in her defense, the flowers I got her were nowhere NEAR as nice as those!

West Family said...

Aren'y you so glad you married a West? That Heidi girl is CRAZY not to marry AJ I think.

Christian & Jennifer said...

Isn't is great to be married to a thoughtful and romantic guy? (You practically HAD to, because your Dad treats your Mom so well and you are just used to seeing that! To marry someone with no romance whatsoever would have been impossible!)