Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Wiik

Ok, yeah, the title is really lame-- but love me, love my cheesiness. So it's been one week of working out with the Wii Fit as you can see in this picture- I get a nifty stamp for every day I use the system.

I've also been tracking my caloric intake using a website called It's weird to see how the chart on that site actually correlates with the Wii chart that tracks my BMI and weight. As you can see in the following three charts, on the days when I eat over my recommended caloric intake, my weight/BMI goes up the next morning.

So far, so good. Probably the best thing about it is that it's making us more aware of how we eat and what we do. Apparently there is a connection between what you eat, what you do, and how you look. It is pretty fun to feel a little sore and know that I'm working. I already feel better about myself. Plus, a lot of the activities are just plain fun.

So, that's our Wii experience for now. If you want to read about James and see his chart, you can visit his blog.


West Family said...

We got the Wii fit and I wasn't at all impressed with the actual workouts. It is great for tracking prgress and other things like that, but the workouts aren't actually workout I didn't think Aatleast. I guess I am just too hardcore when it comes to workingout. Plus, my balance and everything was already perfect my first try, so what is there to work for? I ended up returning it and buying star wars legos instead.

Christian & Jennifer said...

I have to admire you guys . . . sewiously. Christian and I have pledged to get ourselves in shape as soon as this baby comes. For crying out loud, I'm turning THIRTY this summer and we need to start some healthy habits before we're too old and tired to start and before we get anymore downhill.