Sunday, May 25, 2008


The next adventure after Hydra was Mycenae and Nafplio. Mycenae is the city of Agamemnon (of Troy fame). Apparently, when Agamemnon returned from Troy, he went to take a bath in his castle bathroom and was promptly killed by his wife. That'll teach you to leave your wife for fifteen years.

After checking out all the fun stuff at Mycenae, we drove out to Nafplio, an adorable little seaside town. There we had a nice walk to a gelateria to have delicious Italian ice cream (I had caramel and hazlenut, James had dark chocolate). We stayed the night there and the next morning left for our big adventure on the island of Spetses... pictures to come!


Christian & Jennifer said...

If my husband went to take a bath after being gone for 15 years, I'd probably make him ride a donkey.

Christian & Jennifer said...

I have two comments:
First, A DONKEY!!!! OK...youw wiewd!

Second, Charity I am proud of you for branching out...I was sure you would say that you had limon gelato. Way to go.

West Family said...

Looks lie you guys really had a great trip!