Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here's James!

In Relief Society we were given little "spotlight" sheets to fill out about our husbands. I thought this was pretty neat, that the elders were doing the same thing as the sisters and getting to know each other in this sort of interesting and unique way. I later learned from James that they don't actually do it, and me having the form was the first thing he'd ever heard of it. So, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and "spotlight" James for all of you, instead. So... enjoy!

Husband's name: James Patrick West

Where is your husband from? Born in New York, then moved to Texas, North Carolina, France, and back to North Carolina. So... not really from anywhere, I guess.

What is his major? Nerdliness... I mean Computer Science

What is the most romantic thing he's ever done? James is pretty good about surprising me every once in a while with flowers or making me breakfast while I'm sleeping in on a Saturday morning. He's a charmer.

What is your funniest memory about him? James makes me laugh pretty much every day, but one of my funniest memories is of him trying to ask me out a few weeks before he actually got up the guts to do it. We were with a group of friends, and he started telling me about this great idea he had for a date--making homemade chocolate candies. I said that sounded like a lot of fun, and then the conversation shifted and we were on to other things. In a few minutes, James left and another friend leaned over to me and said "I think James just asked you out." Well, apparently he hadn't gotten the enthusiasm he was hoping for, 'cause he chickened out and asked another girl.

When/Where did you get married? August 18th 2007, Provo UT Temple

What are his hobbies and talents? James loves programming, playing video games, reading up on how to build robots, learning new things in general (from Wikipedia!), making homemade candies and treats (best brownies ever), and of course the Wilton cake decorating is a big thing around here--though he has yet to make me a birthday cake.

What is his favorite food? He likes my curry and he loves meatloaf (weird, I know)--but he'll pretty much eat anything you put in front of him as long as it's not broccoli or a tomato.

Tell us a funny or an embarrassing story about him. James does not embarrass easily: he's just a pretty chill guy, so I guess I'll go with a funny story. We met because we worked together doing early morning custodial work at BYU. While working there, we used to pull a lot of pranks on each other and do some pretty odd things. One day, James and a group of our coworkers attacked me and my cleaning partner while we were cleaning the bathrooms (it was part of an ongoing war). They brought a giant roll of plastic wrap and were attempting to wrap us up in it. Well, we held our own and managed not to get wrapped up, and then in the midst of the attack one of his teammates turned on James and helped me wrap him up in plastic wrap. James, being the chill guy he is, pretty much let us do it, and by the end he was so tightly wound in plastic that he couldn't move and had to be cut out.

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Christian & Jennifer said...

I love to hear all about the people I know and love, so thank you for posting this! I never knew that James could be taken down with plastic wrap. Good to know. Good to know . . .