Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Beautiful Things

Today there was a thunder storm in Murray, where I work. It was absolutely breathtaking watching the clouds form and get darker and darker. The colors of the trees and the mountains were so saturated it almost seemed like the rain was gathering in the full green of the leaves than in the gray of the sky.

Also today, I finally decided to go ahead and buy a Regina Spektor cd instead of just listening to her songs from youtube. Definitely worth the 7$ I paid for Soviet Kitsch, which has nearly all of my favorite songs. I love her song "Somedays." It feels like a rainy day song, so perfect for today.


Elizabeth West Bunton said...

Gazing out the windown when you're suppose to be working--you're not the woman I thought you were. (teasing). We also love our rainstorms here.

Christian & Jennifer said...

I love thunderstorms, too. And rainy days in general, as long as they aren't EVERY day. It's really refreshing to me to have a day when the earth gets cleansed and the smell of rain fills the air. I love it.