Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun Stuff

So, another week has gone by--things have happened, but I won't overwhelm everyone with all the details. Instead I'd just like to throw out some fun stuff I've stumbled upon recently.

#1 Gloria's Little Italy
My awesome sister in law recommended this restaurant to me and I've been dying to go. So when my best friend decided to abandon me and go home to Washington, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and dragged her out for some delicious Italian food. The restaurant is only a few blocks from our house and the walk there is just delightful, looking at all the sweet old houses around Provo. They have a "Mormon" tiramisu with no coffee, delicious pasta, and gelato I've heard is delightful--still gotta go back and try that.

#2 Mormon Chic
Today while looking for something completely different, I stumbled upon this website which, whether you're Mormon or not, is a delightfully useful and wonderfully girly site with tons of ideas for the modern woman. Check it out--it's super sweet.


Christian & Jennifer said...

Good stuff! I'm glad you liked that restaurant . . . the owners were so cute and so excited to speak to me in Italian. I wish I'd had the chance to eat there, instead of just stopping in to see what kind of goodies they had. And how I wish it had been there when we lived there! (Although, maybe that wouldn't have been such a good thing . . . Especially if the gelato really is as good as it looked.) And that website looks like lots of fun. I've already spent some time on it tonight and there are TONS of great ideas on there. Thanks, Char! By the way, Christian is coming this weekend, so he's excited to see you.

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

This website is where I got the instructions for the Juice Pouch bags I made for Gigi's birthday.