Monday, May 12, 2008

Greece - Day 2

The Acropolis

Day 2 of our Greek adventure began with a walking tour of the Acropolis (Actually, every city has an acropolis, because acropolis just means "top of the city" and, well, every city has one. But this is the most famous one and the one we all think of as the Acropolis). We didn't actually get to go to the Acropolis, because they are currently excavating and moving all or most of the artifacts to the new Acropolis museum, but we went to the theater of Dionysus, considered to be the oldest theater in the world. We also went to another nearby theater--the theater of Herod Atticus (not the infamous Herod we often hear about, but another Herod). After that we walked through Hadrian's gate, which he built to separate old, Greek Athens from new, Roman Athens. On the Roman side, we saw the temple of Olympian Zeus, and after that we took a walk through a picturesque little shopping area and ate lunch with Mom--gyros and souvlaki all around! :)

Mom and me at the theater of Dionysus.James and me at the theater of Dionysus.
Panoramic shot of the temple of Olympian Zeus.
Hadrian's gate.
James and me at lunch with Mom.

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Elizabeth West Bunton said...

Wow, I am so impressed your are updating your blog while in Greece. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. It almost makes me feel like I am there (well, not really, but I can imagine). BTW, I really like your shirt.