Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cascade Springs

Since we had paid the six-dollar access fee to go up Alpine Loop on Saturday for the hike, we decided to take advantage of at least two of the three days and go up again on Sunday for a nature walk. We have been wanting to go to Cascade Springs for a while, since that's where James was going to propose to me and then couldn't because the road was closed (we went to Stewart Falls instead and it was perfect). So, we took our happy little pass and went up Provo canyon. I was thrilled again, of course, to see all the fall colors and my beautiful mountains. Doesn't everyone just want to move to Utah and live with me here? Yes, you do. Good.

The drive was beautiful and then the little walk was just gorgeous- it's not a hike or anything, just a walk on a paved path around the springs - little bridges and everything. And the neatest part? There were little plaques all over the place telling neat information about the springs, the wildlife, and the different plants. Very educational.

Here are some of the pictures:


Buffy said...

Oh, you are making me miss Utah again. We loved going to Cascade Springs, although I certainly don't love the drive. The canyons always scared me.

Charity said...

Yeah, that's why I made James drive, so I could ooh and ahh at all the pretty fall colors. ;)