Monday, September 22, 2008

Tailgate Party

Friday we had a stake tailgate party and had a blast hanging out with our neighbors Maren and Duane Tucker and their awesome son Evan, and with our friends Dave and Sara Brunner. We have their son, Eli, in nursery with us, and he is always entertaining. He has recently taken to asking "Why?" to everything you say. We've figured out, though, that if you answer him a few times, then on like the third "why?" if you just say "Because" he stops asking for a bit.

Here's Maren, Duane, and James holding Evan
(doesn't that kid have the greatest hair?)

James with Evan again

Dave and Sara with Ethan
And here's Eli - he's the one in the blue shirt (the little one, that is)

It was a really fun activity, and we are really glad the stake put it on. Really good food and a fun time to just hang out. We missed most of the games, cuz we had to leave to go to Cats! (more on that in another post.)

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Christian & Jennifer said...

What fun! Love the hair. Everyone has particularly good hair in these photos. Are they ALL using baking soda? (I still need to try that! Today! I'm doing it!)