Monday, September 8, 2008

Love for Harvey

I love all our BYU players, but this is the one I want to name my child after someday. Little Harvey Bronco. Or Bronco Harvey. We haven't decided. Watching the BYU-Washington game on Saturday, the overall feeling I had was one of extreme nerves and seriously feeling sick to my stomach. It was just too close. But every time they gave the ball to Harvey, my heart just soared. I love that kid. Also Pitta, that guy is just fun to watch. For those of you who didn't watch the game and haven't yet heard, BYU won 28 - 27. Thank you very much, Cougs, for making my day. Never doubted you for a second.

*edit* I thought about it some more, and it really wouldn't be right to post about Saturday's game without giving major kudos (chocolate chip or peanutbutter, whichever he likes better) to Jan Jorgensen, or as James calls him, Jorgy or The Filthy Swede (though his name is spellt the Danish way, I'm going to claim him as a Dane. The Dirty Dane). Thank you, Jorgy, for blocking the kick when it counted. That stupid call has robbed you of a bit of glory - YOU made the block, BYU won the game.

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