Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Rest of the Weekend: Football Game

Still trying to catch up on this weekend (it was really busy!). So here's my rundown of the football game. We had an extra ticket (a friend decided to see his girlfriend instead of go to the game, where's the dedication?) so we invited our friend and neighbor Duane. It was a blast, again. If you haven't seen the score yet, it was another blowout 44-0. Not quite as exciting as the UCLA game, which was just insane, but definitely very awesome. We had some incredible turnovers and an awesome pass to Austin Collie that totally took my breath away, so it did have its moments. Poor Wyoming. We started to feel so bad for them. At least they didn't have as many players dragged off the field as the other teams we've played recently. Incidentally, the last time the Cougars had two shutouts in a row was in 1985 - and the scores were the same (59-0 and 44-0). Hopefully we'll surpass history and do it again at Utah State! There has really only been one disappointment so far this season - they aren't selling kettle corn in the stadium anymore! At least I can't find it if they are. Anyone know anything about that? I really miss it.

This is the only picture I took at the game (sadly). James and Duane with his homemade sun guard.

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