Monday, September 22, 2008

Timponeke Trail

Saturday morning, we were supposed to go hiking with some of the West family, but because of lack of communication (we never told them for sure we were coming), and lack of getting-up-on-timeness (that was totally me), they left without us. So, we made a few calls to figure out where everyone had gone and made a valiant effort to catch up with them, but sadly did not. Happily, though, we still went hiking and had a good time. I was absolutely ecstatic to be up in the canyon in the cool (though still not really crisp) fall air, looking at all the beautiful fall colors. We only got to hike for about an hour, cuz we had to leave in time to make it to the football game. Here are the pictures:

Me and Allison beginning the hike.

James and Allison (really thinking "Can't we just hike? Stop taking pictures!)

Allison kindly obliging my picture-taking obsession by posing with the pretty red berries.

Trees! Lovely trees!

The very pretty mountain. Ah, I was so happy.

Me, being very happy.

James, beating up on poor, defenseless Allison.

Now he's pretending to be all sweet. (His eyes are closed because his evil wife made him put on sunscreen and it got in his eyes. Poor James.)

Me and my awesome sister-in-law. I am so lucky, I have the greatest family ever - the one I was born with, the one I married into, and the one I got by my brother's marriage (love you, Jen!)

Happy hikers.

One more shot of the beautiful view.


Christian & Jennifer said...

You sweetheart. I love you dearly! And I think all men make that face when we tell them to put on some sunscreen. AND bug spray, dang it.

Pearlie Meg said...

Okay, where did you hike? Because I hiked with some friends to Stewart Falls on Saturday, and your pictures of scenery look very similar to mine.

Charity said...

We went to pretty much that same area - just on the other side of the mountain. It's called Timponeke - there's a campground and a few trails, some that take you to the summit of Timpanogos. By the way, who are you? :)

Pearlie Meg said...

Haha, it's Megan J.

Buffy said...

Seriously, stop with the gorgeous Utah pictures, you're killing me. I miss hiking so much. Who are these other mysterious Wests you were suppose to meet up with? We are super, super thrilled to have you in our family too. I always comforted myself for my dearth of sisters by remembering that someday all these brothers would bring new sisters to the family. I, and I am sure Allison too, enjoy the company.