Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 6th

So, let's pretend I wrote this yesterday. Everyone game? Great.

Today was a really simple day, dotted with some pretty simple pleasures. After work, I went out to run errands, since we had almost no food in the house. I took my bro-in-law Anthony's car (it's interesting now to have a choice of three cars whenever I want to go anywhere), which has a cd player in it, and it's weird but I was so happy to be listening to Coldplay's Parachutes as I drove to Joann's and then Macey's and then Costco. The music combined with the semi stormy weather had my heart soaring. And then, when I got out of the car at Macey's and saw a double rainbow, it was like the day was complete. Right there. I didn't need anything else.

Later when I got home, I was surprised to find James there. He had a project to do, but was able to come home earlier than I had expected. He helped me unload the groceries and we just had fun laughing and talking about nothing really. Last, I made cookies, cleaned the kitchen (the rest of the house is still a disaster), and went to bed. A perfectly simple, simply perfect day.


Anonymous said...

The double rainbow yesterday was awesome!! Aww... Parachutes... stil my fav Coldplay album.

Emily said...

We saw that rainbow too- it was beautiful (you could even see that indigo color at the bottom). You should hear the squeals Max gives when he sees a "WA-BO"! Actually, if you enjoy being able to hear sounds in the future, you probably shouldn't hear the squeals. As for Coldplay, don't they just keep getting better? Love them.