Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday

It's almost over. Tuesday, that is. It was a good day. Worked from home. Made potato soup for dinner. Did some crafty things. Taught English. Ate chocolate cake with James. Going to bed now. What a Tuesday.


Patti Johansen said...

I made potato soup on Tuesday too! Played Mah Jong with 3 friends. Did 2 modules of my Masters Intro Course. Made pizza for dinner. Watched Eli Stone (repeats) and played Sudoku on my Nintendo DS. Went to bed. I have hurt my back, and will go to dr today, but had lots of nightmares through the night... maybe cuz of pain???? Mom

Jessica Wilde said...

I'm jealous, I had to get surgery Tuesday. Although coming out of anesthesia I was convinced I was on the beach in St. Thomas, so I guess part of my day was great.

Lets hang out soon!!

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

Okay, how do you guys eat so much cake and stay so slim?

Also, I want to play Mah Jong too.