Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy James and Charity Day

It's been one year since we began our little family. What are you doing to celebrate?

Suggestions: eat a cake, watch a sappy movie, have a snow cone, play Nintendo, click the picture above to see more wedding pictures of us, or you know, do your typical Monday thing. But I think my suggestions are better.


Tracie said...

Happy Anniversary! One-year! Woot woot!

Sneaky little link to your facebook page. Very clever. (Clever girl.)

Your wedding pics are very pretty. Love your sheath wedding dress. :)

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

Oh--I want a snow cone. But I will settle for looking at the wedding pictures. I actually look at my copies of your wedding pictures all the time. You guys just looked so good, and it was such a perfect day, and the color scheme was fantastic and Uncle Charles just does a good job.

Happy Anniversary!

Christian & Jennifer said...

Congratulations! And happy day! We love you guys tremendously and are so happy that you found each other. Happy Anniversary!