Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday, August 9

Saturday was a blast. We got to go to the West family reunion in the afternoon and represent the George West family. I was so sad though, because we couldn't find our camera, so we got zero pictures of the awesome activity. Hopefully, we'll be getting some from other reunion attendees soon so we can post those pictures for all to see.


Yummy food abounded.

Great conversation, as always with the West family.

Got to meet some new cousins that I didn't know before, and see some that we haven't seen in a while.

There was a baseball game in which you had to swing at every pitch and you were always safe. What an awesome way to play baseball! Sadly, I only got to play for a bit and I was in the outfield so the always-safe rule kinda stunk for me, but still, the philosophy was awesome.

James's Uncle Franklin taught us all to do the Charleston. It was super fun, and kinda crazy, and took a lot of energy.

There was a showdown between our group and another group that came later and had apparently reserved the same pavilion in the park. We had prior claim to it, but they got really really worked up about it. So the Wests kindly obliged them, and we left without too much fuss. Just the one crying lady who takes life too seriously. Sadly, we couldn't join the rest of the Wests at the new location where they continued the party - James had to go home and study.

Good times, though. Very good times.


Tracie said...

I once learned the Charleston at the tender age of 8 for a Dance Day or whatever we called them. At the end of the year, each grade would do a "dance" to a song.

That's stupid that people tried to kick you out. Unless of course you didn't reserve it. But sounds like you did reserve it. So blame it on the city.

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

I miss Utah, I miss family. I wish I was there. I am officially adopting those house rules to baseball.