Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Festivities

So Tuesday and Wednesday, James and I celebrated our one-year anniversary in a-little-over-the-top-style, and we had a great time. First, we got all fancied up and went to dinner at the Chef's table in Provo:

Dinner was delicious, but unfortunately, neither James nor I was very hungry. But we had fun dining in the lavish surroundings, being waited on by the very courteous and kind staff, and discussing important issues (such as who James's favorite actor really is. By the way, it's not Bruce Willis).

Then we went to see a play called "The Hasty Heart"at the Hale theater.

I would highly recommend this play. It was funny, emotional, and meaningful all at once. It was very well acted and lots of fun. James was pretty sleepy though, poor guy.

Next, we went to the bed and breakfast we had chosen - the Hines Mansion in Provo (keeping it local). The dinner and play were all part of a package through them. The best thing about it? Giant jetted tub in the room. Mmmm. Very nice.

The second picture there is the room we stayed in "Winter Dreams." I'd really like to know how they got the third shot of the room from that angle. Standing on the bathtub, I guess. Crazy.

The next day, we had a delicious breakfast and nice chat with the inn owner. After leaving the b & b, we went home to rest up a bit and watch the newest episode of Monk (oh yeah, and clean up our disaster of a house a bit), then we went to the temple in the afternoon. It was all in all a lovely way to celebrate one year of being married to my best friend.

Oh, and I have to brag about the gifts James got me:

He gave me the popcorn popper on Saturday because he just couldn't stand to wait (he thought it would be incredibly useful, and once I got it I would not have wanted to wait either... and well, he was right). It has been so much fun, and I have eaten more popcorn in the last five days than I have in the last year. Delicious. I even learned how to make kettle corn on the stove and that has been the best thing ever. If anyone has been to a football game or a fair with me, you know I am addicted to this stuff. So nice to know how to make it now - I can have it whenever I want AND it's cheap. :)

He gave me these on Monday - you know, our actual anniversary. Aren't they gorgeous?

And he gave me this on Tuesday night, between dinner and the play. Yay! This is a movie I have always loved and am so excited to watch on the projector. Movie night, anyone?

I gave James a cake leveler, cake pan, and cake stand. I tried to surprise him with chocolate covered cinnamon bears on the actual anniversary, but I didn't hide them well and he found them on Sunday. Oh well, he still enjoyed them. Last, I gave him an album with the best pictures from our honeymoon. Ah, sentimental.

Well, it has been an amazing year of being married to my best friend. I have learned a lot about him, about myself, and about life. And about computers. And about robots. :)


Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Wow, that sounds like it was so much fun! Congrats on your first year together!

Meredith said...

Charity this sounds like a great anniversary! Chef's table and Kevin Cosner's Robin Hood... amazing. We'll definitely have to borrow that movie when we get back. We get back to Utah at the end of next week and we look forward to seeing you guys!

Emily said...

That sounds great. We did the same thing on our seventh anniversary- dinner at Chef's Table and staying at Hines Mansion. Isn't the breakfast in the morning fun? We really enjoyed it. That's also when we discovered Hunan beef at Saigon Cafe (only the most wonderful Chinese dish ever). Anyway, glad you had a great anniversary.

Patti Johansen said...

Cool! Sounds like you guys had a great time. Although Robin Hood is not my favorite Kevin Costney movie...Waterworld is way cooler! The popcorn machine looks like it could be addicting, better watch out. I see a 12 step kettle Korn withdrawal plan in your future. Love you guys, Dad

David said...

Congratulations, guys! Sounds like a great date. Hope your second year is even better.

Contact Chauncey or Melanie West said...

It sure would be nice to have money for an anniversary! Congrats on the one year mark...and counting!

Austin said...

that's one awesome anniversary! happy anniversary to the awesome couple that deserved such awesomeness!

(i'm trying to meet my awesome quota for the day... just 7 more...)

Dallin and Megan Dyer said...

wow, you really know how to celebrate! We are going to Chef's table and A Hasty Heart next weekend for Dallin's mom's birthday! What a coincidence! We are back in Provo and will be at church on Sunday. I can't wait to see you guys!

Buffy said...

I totally agree with Emily about the Hunan at Saigon Cafe. We actually had Saigon Cafe take-out the day we came home for the hospital with Gillian. It is good celebration food. Your activties look like a lot of fun and I always approve of Hale Theatre plays. They are always the perfect kind of funny.