Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14

Thursday night we went to a midnight showing of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. James has been so excited about this movie for so long, we couldn't wait. We had to go to the first available show. And it was really fun. The theater was filled with mostly pre-teen and teenage boys, many of whom carried light sabers. The ones without light sabers were jealous though, and yelled at the ones with them to put them away. Sad. But once the movie started, and everyone cheered, the light sabers were forgotten (except the ones in the movie, of course) and everyone enjoyed the show. It really was quite good. The only way I would have enjoyed it more is if my stomach hadn't felt like it was about to explode throughout the entire movie. I don't think my body can handle being up so late anymore. I was struggling the entire movie to find a position in which I felt semi-comfortable. But apart from that, I really enjoyed myself.

Best parts:

The female jedi really was pretty cool, if a bit snotty. The relationship between her and Anakin worked really well I think.

The droids were pretty funny, if cheesy.

I think the animation was very well done, and it had a neat style to it.

Pretty cool bad guy.

Simple plot that did not go overboard, nor get sacrificed to all the explosions. I like that.

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Tracie said...

Austin wants to go see it too. So I'll let you know what I think since I'm sure he's probably dragging me with him. :)