Thursday, August 7, 2008

They Forgot My Kids' Cone

So, if any of you have a chance to go to an Iceberg - take it. And get the kids' meal. The thing is just the perfect amount of food. And they really don't skimp at all. We are not talking a happy meal here. Now, there's no toy, but--but! you get your choice of hamburger, cheeseburger, corndog, or grilled cheese sandwich, what would be considered a large fry at your typical McDonald's/Burger King, a decent size drink, AND (the best part) you also get a chocolate dipped cone. Now, we are not talking kids' size, small, or even medium. The thing is gigantic. And it is dipped in chocolate. I don't think I can stress that enough. And it's perfect. There is not a better dipped cone in the world of ice cream. No. Nowhere. Not anywhere. And so you can imagine my disappointment when I got my kids' meal today and got all the way back to the office before realizing they had neglected to give me my cone. It was a sad day.

Ok, not that sad. Mostly it was a really good day. So here are the good parts:

My bosses told me that I have a great personality - they said I (and two of my fellow editors--we were all being given a new responsibility at work, I think the compliments are to make up for the fact that we will never get a raise) am just the right amount of OCD, without being annoying. They also said we had "dynamic" personalities and that we work well with other people. It was a very self-esteem boosting meeting.

I got Twilight stickers to put all over Tracie's work station. She loves Twilight. LoVeS iT wItH a TeEnaGe PaSsiON. Never joined a Twilight hate group, not once. Oh no, not Tracie. I am not being sarcastic. At all.

I was really busy at work today, but still managed to have several good laughs with coworkers over various things. I really like my job. It's really nice. Since I started working at home, going in to the office is kind of like a treat.

Last of all I get to come home to my Jamey and spend even just a little bit of time with him and it was nice.

Yay for my happy life. Boo for my missing dipped cone.


Austin said...

those twilight stickers will make her days coming in to work so much better, moodier, and broodier. ;)

Emily said...

Charity, can I just mention that I love your attitude about life? You're so great. I'm glad you're happy, that you like your job and hubby, that you laugh a lot. You deserve it all. :)