Friday, August 15, 2008

Wednesday, August 14

This day, I got to have lunch with my Lolly. It was great fun. I miss having her around to go out with me and just kill time talking. We went to Los Hermanos, which has some amazing horchata, by the way. I definitely recommend it. The atmosphere is also lovely in there. But of course the best part was just being with my friend and talking about life. Ah, happiness.

Wednesday was also the day we got our projector! Whoo-hoo! We are so excited. We tore apart our living room trying to arrange everything in the bes place for the projector, only to find out that it works best just sitting on the coffee table anyway. But it was fun, and I think I like the projector better there. Our friends Tracie and Austin came over for the inaugural viewing, and we watched Jurassic Park. It was great fun, and so nice to be able to hang out with friends again.

Biggest news- James is DONE! Whoo-hoo! That means at least two weeks where I actually get to see and spend time with my husband. So happy :)


Tracie said...

Yay for projector funness! We'll have to come over again. :)

Emily said...

Congrats! You finally got it. :) I hope you love it and it's everything you've been looking forward to. Good choice on inaugural viewing movie.

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

That sounds like amazing fun. Tim and I sure enjoyed the weekend we borrowed one. We watched the show 24 on ours. It was really hard to go back to normal TV. Why don't we live closer to each other again?We could have some serious fun together.